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For you, America is here

October 1, 2017

Last week was a fun week. I have started my latest film called “Per te l’America sta quà’” which translates as “Your America is here”. It’s a truly amazing story about the hardship of a family living in the area a hundred years ago, at the end of the First World War. It’s a story that I had struggled to get out of my mind ever since this summer when I first heard it for the first time, beautifully told by Angela the grandaughter of the main characters in the story. This time it is a women’s story. It’s shows how their lives were contained within the village and how they depended on each other’s kindness, but also how they had to compete with one another. The story really shows, on so many levels, the fragility of life, the challenges, the sorrow,  the hardship, village life and the insular culture of that period.

This is the most challenging film so far, not only because it’s about 20 minutes long, but also because of the creative way I had to come up with images that would not distract the viewer too much. At the same time I wanted to show the real locations where the events took place, this time not only in Fontecchio but also in other villages nearby, Campana and Opi di Fagnano, all of them with the same backdrop of the mountain, Il Sirente, standing guard over them.

This is also an exciting new project because I’m working for the first time alongside a music composer from L’Aquila, Leonardo Furore, who is creating an original score for the film.

I’m hoping to release this new film by November.



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