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Per te l'America sta qua - For you, America is here

November 22, 2017

Something very sad happened two weeks ago, and it brought it home to me, again, how urgent it is that I record these personal histories.


I was on the point of releasing the latest in this series of films, ‘Per te l’America sta qua’. The story is narrated by Angela, and is the remarkable story of her family that reflects the hardship of life in the village just a couple of generations ago, and for me highlights the difference between the ease of living in our times and the fragility of their existence and their happiness. But ten days ago Angela had to have brain surgery to remove a tumour found during a CAT scan, following a fall. Angela is now in a stable condition in hospital and we are all very anxious, but hopeful that her latest test will reveal that all is going to be OK.


It is very upsetting. Whilst making my films it's impossible not to get close to the subjects. I get very involved with their stories and memories. Also I'm upset because I didn't yet have a chance to show her the film, and I’m sure she's going to love it. She feels passionately about this story and I can see why. Now I do too. However, for now, as a sign of respect and affection for Angela and her family, I have decided to delay the release until further notice. 


Get well soon, Angela. 

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